Cloud Storage and Disaster Recovery

Gone are the days of expensive storage for on-site records and physical servers. With cloud storage, you only pay for what you need, as you need it. And if any of your storage solutions fail, whether cloud or on-site, it costs your company money every minute. A disaster recovery team can minimize the cost of lost or compromised data by responding immediately. Our cloud storage, back-up, and disaster recovery solutions monitor your:

  • Applications
  • Work stations (Windows and Mac)
  • Physical and virtual servers (Windows and Linux)
  • Mobile devices

Your business relies heavily on the data you’ve accumulated over the years, which is why dependable and efficient data backup and recovery are the cornerstones of every business. Our cloud backup and disaster recovery systems monitor your applications, work stations (Windows and Mac), physical and virtual servers (Windows and Linux), and mobile devices.

Cloud storage

An efficient, automated backup system reduces time spent on tedious administrative tasks, freeing up time for your IT department to work on strategic projects that drive your business forward.

Our tech experts will integrate a tailored cloud backup system into your existing business strategy. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach because we believe you should only pay for what you actually use. That’s why our cloud storage solutions are fully scalable, growing with your business, allowing cloud storage and backup to be affordable from the very beginning.

Disaster Recovery

If any of your storage solutions fail, your business loses money for every minute of downtime, which is why a specialised, round-the-clock disaster recovery system can save you thousands by keeping recovery time to a minimum.

Our cloud backup and disaster recovery services come standard with 24/7 monitoring so you always know the up-to-the-minute status of your data. Should anything go wrong, key stakeholders within your business will receive an alert immediately, allowing the disaster recovery process to begin as quickly as possible. You also have the ability to create and view reports at any time with real-time data, all on an easy-to-navigate dashboard.


  • Pay as you use
  • 24/7 activity monitoring
  • Real-time alerts
  • Custom reporting
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Less administrative burden

Streamline your data backup and recovery before the worst happens and get in touch with us today.

Key notes: reaching customers better; better, smoother business; better automation; solutions that grow with your business; don’t pay for what you don’t need; no one-size-fits-all – tailored solutions for your business; unlock your business’s potential; strategic partnerships with xxxxx; our cloud solutions are robust and flexible like we are; project management expertise;

  • user adoption
  • Security incident response team
  • System health
  • Latest security software
  • Monitoring data
  • Managing access

Maintaining system health is an ongoing process that requires 24-hour management

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