Cloud Control and Monitoring

Our 24-hour cloud control and monitoring services enhance your existing infrastructure and enable you to stay up-to-date with the latest legislative and industry requirements for data governance. Ensure your data is compliant and secure, with as-needed access for key stakeholders in your business. With our cloud control and monitoring services, you get:

  • Assessments using Secure Score
  • Measurements of compliance issues
  • Governance
  • Just-in-time access

Every facet of your cloud system, from costs to governance to access to security, needs to be monitored 24/7. But managing a vast cloud network is a full-time job – or several. Our experts will assist your IT department in optimizing your existing cloud control and monitoring systems. Our cloud monitoring services don’t replace your existing department and infrastructure but instead enhance it, freeing up more time for your in-house tech experts to focus on other areas of the business.

Assessments using Secure Score

Based on years of experience and modern, up-to-the-minute software, we are able to pinpoint exactly where your data governance is lacking and how to fix it as quickly and as affordably as possible.

Measurements of compliance issues

We provide you with a compliance score based upon our in-depth assessment of your business’s compliance and work with you directly to reach compliance targets. This includes industry standard compliance, country laws and requirements, and obtaining authentic product keys across business applications.


We work across a vast range of industries and have an in-depth understanding of industry protocols and sovereignty laws. We work on-site at your premises to make sure that every miniscule aspect of your country’s and industry’s requirements are followed to the letter, ensuring safe, sound, and compliant data governance.

Just-in-time access

We offer a highly sophisticated system of as-needed access for key stakeholders within your business to minimise cloud security threats. Admin rights can be granted the moment they’re needed and for as long as they are needed, drastically reducing gaps within your network for malicious users to exploit. With just-in-time access, you can confine any inbound traffic to your virtual machine while allowing key employees to connect at the same time to ensure the safety and integrity of your company’s IT system at all times.


  • Industry and sovereign compliance
  • Proactive approach to compliance
  • Regular governance assessments to remain compliant
  • Affordable
  • 24-hour activity monitoring
  • Restricted, as-needed access
  • Works within your existing infrastructure
  • Allows your employees to focus on more important tasks

Don’t wait until it’s too late – make sure you know what’s happening in every corner of your business with our cloud control and monitoring services today.

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